A lot of change and development happens in a decade. The first edition of Kelowna Rock (2008) took 2 years of full-time climbing and research, plus a winter of mind-numbing computer work. The 2016 edition of Kelowna Rock was same-same but different. This time it was a crew of people that volunteered their time to make it happen, but it still was almost 3 years in the making.

And now, the website is back, providing current beta and booty for roped and unroped Okanagan climbers. It is also provides an easy way to join the newly formed Central Okanagan Climbers Association (COSA).

For 2017, I am hoping to showcase a few guest bloggers, custom jewellery made from Kelowna rock, and original climbing art. Lots of ideas. Stay tuned. And note the new address - kelownarock.com. When it became available this year, I grabbed it, replacing kelownarockbc.com.

I am interested in your feedback on the design and user interface of Kelowna Rock, and everything else of course! It is a learning process for me, so a few wrinkles will need ironed out. Let me know what you think at info@kelownarock.com. 

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