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The Kelowna Rock Team

Cailan Libby Cailan is the president of COCA...


Adam Tutte

Adam Tutte Well-known local climber and route developer Grizzly Adam Tutte started climbing when he was 14, and currently is probably the Okanagan’s busiest route setter. With more than 75 routes to his name, it is a wonder he finds time to climb. But he does. To celebrate his 2016 birthday, Adam climbed 33 KLO Creek routes in the course of a day.

Chris Posiak Chris is an avid climber, and willing to climb with pretty much anybody. He has even rescues rope-dropping, stranded newbies. Chris spearheaded the transformation of scruffy Pipeline at KLO Creek into a beautiful climber retreat, and is currently busy setting routes in Rose Valley.

Andy White

Andy White.  Andy is the author of Okanagan Bouldering and spearheaded the creation of the Okanagan Bouldering society and the amazing Rock the Blocs outdoor bouldering fest at the 'Fields.


Hanna Karin.  This is Hanna in Red Rocks. Why Red Rocks you ask, instead of the amazing Kelowna Rock? It is symbolic. Hanna is the publisher/author of Kelowna Rock, but has set sail as a Cuso International volunteer. Parting words from Hanna, "Climbing is about pushing your limits, inside and out. Recognize and embrace the natural hazards of outdoor climbing - that is half of the fun! But PLEASE wear a helmut. Take it from me, head injuries are no fun and last waaaay longer than a broken leg."